You've had jobs before, but what about a career? Working for the Wyoming Department of Corrections gives you the opportunity to discover what you can be and the chance to make a difference every day. Plus, you’ll do more than earn a living, you’ll build a foundation for your future with competitive pay, real benefits, and a 20-year retirement plan.

Joining the WDOC means you can have a challenging, rewarding career and raise your family in a small town you’ll be glad to call home. Plus, you can explore the mountains, rivers, and trails of the Cowboy State and experience an outdoor lifestyle that offers opportunities to fish, hunt, camp, and more.             

WDOC by the Numbers

We operate 5 total facilities including,

Four male facilities: 
  • Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp and Boot Camp (WHCC) in Newcastle
  • Wyoming Honor Farm (WHF) in Riverton
  • Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution (WMCI) in Torrington
  • Wyoming State Penitentiary (WSP) in Rawlins
One female facility: 
  • Wyoming Women’s Center (WWC) in Lusk 
The department also contracts with three adult community corrections centers (Casper, Cheyenne, and Gillette). WDOC is responsible for the statewide supervision of adult probation and parole offenders with 25 field offices in every county across the state. 

The average daily population (ADP) for WDOC inmates for FY16 was 2,434 a slight increase from 2,424 in FY15. Approximately 313 of those inmates were housed in non-department facilities, including adult community corrections centers, county jails, as well as a 100-bed secure treatment facility in Casper. The ADP for offenders currently under WDOC supervision for probation and parole for FY16 is 6,522. For FY16, there were 919 inmate intakes with 960 inmate terminations (release of all types); 2,596 probation intakes with 2,446 probation terminations; and 644 parole intakes with 522 parole terminations. In addition to offenders, WDOC serves victims, families, and the public. The entire state of Wyoming is potentially served by WDOC. 

Primary Functions of the Wyoming Department of Corrections

  • Public Safety: WDOC contributes to safer communities by exercising reasonable, safe, secure, and humane management of inmates, probationers, and parolees. 
  • Rehabilitation: Using research-based “best practices,” WDOC actively provides offenders opportunities to become law-abiding citizens. 
  • Case Management: WDOC utilizes a structured process of assessing an offender’s risks and needs in order to target areas for treatment and intervention. 
  • Correctional Standards: WDOC adheres to standards within the corrections profession that ensure the safety and security of staff, offenders, institutions, and the public while providing for the professional management of offenders. 
  • Good Stewardship: WDOC develops partnerships with victims, community members, public agencies, and private agencies to better meet the department’s mission in a meaningful and cost-effective manner.