Inmate Crisis Line 


WDOC contracts with an outside organization to provide medical services for inmates. The current contractor, YesCare, has developed an inmate Crisis Line. The YesCare Crisis Line (1-870-YES-CARE) is free for all callers and is available for all inmates housed in WDOC facilities. The purpose of the Crisis Line is to provide a mechanism for inmates and family/friends/attorneys/etc. interacting with inmates to inform YesCare of inmates in need of immediate intervention. The Crisis Line is available 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Calls will be answered by YesCare’s third-party vendor, ProtoCall, who will triage all calls. ProtoCall’s experienced licensed clinical call takers will complete clinical assessments and interventions and make routine, urgent, and emergent referrals to YesCare staff. Urgent/Emergent Calls referred through the Crisis Line will be promptly screened and YesCare’s on-call staff will ensure there is immediate intervention.

Types of incidents that may be reported to the Crisis Line include, but are not limited to, the following: 


In the event that an incident is reported to the Crisis Line that is unrelated to the mental and behavioral health of inmates, this information will be reported to WDOC staff. 

Calls to the Crisis Line are automatically recorded by Protocol. Every caller is informed their call may be recorded and why before the conversation is opened. ProtoCall uses a Secure HiTRUST-certified HIPAA-compliant platform.

This service is only available to inmates housed at the five (5) WDOC facilities and it is not available to any contracted facilities such as the Casper Rentry Center: Therapeutic Community or the Adult Community Corrections Centers (ACC). Offenders at the ACCs may call the national suicide hotline (988) which will connect them to local resources.