Sex Offender Treatment

The WDOC recognizes that inmates convicted of sexual offenses represent a diverse population, and untreated sex offending behavior can present a substantial threat to public safety. Subsequently, the WDOC has adopted an integrative risk management approach that incorporates sex offender-specific risk assessment, evidence-based treatment, and continuity of care through the use of the Containment Model in the supervision of probationers and parolees. The WDOC provides in-prison sex offender specific risk assessment to male and female inmates with a documented history sex offending, and subsequent psychosexual evaluation, and treatment based on assessed need.

Contracted sex offender treatment services are provided by licensed clinicians who provide services in accordance with the standards set forth in the Association for Treatment of Sex Abusers (ATSA) Practice Standards and Guidelines for the Evaluation, Treatment and Management of Adult Male Sexual Abusers and The ATSA Professional Code of Ethics. Sex offender specific assessment and treatment services are available as follows:

  • Sex Offender-Specific Assessment - Wyoming Boot Camp (WBC), New Castle, WY

  • Sex Offender-Specific Assessment and Outpatient Treatment Services - Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp (WHCC), New Castle, WY and the Wyoming Women’s Center (WWC), Lusk, Wyoming.

  • Sex Offender-Specific Assessment and Residential Therapeutic Community Treatment - Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution (WMCI), Torrington, WY


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