WDOC Policy & procedure and Forms   

100 Series

General Administration

PP 1.000 Policy Formation and Management  

PP 1.002 Management Philosophy- Mission, Vision and Core Values 

PP 1.005 Organization and Delegation of Authority 

PP 1.006 Employee Contact with Inmates and Offenders  

PP 1.009 Release of Information 

PP 1.010 Acceptable Use of E-Mail 

PP 1.011 Acceptable Internet Use 

PP 1.015 Media and Public Relations

PP 1.016 Tobacco-Free WDOC

PP 1.018 Victim Notification Program 

PP 1.020 Facility Monitoring and Assessment 

PP 1.021 Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System Administration and Information Sharing 


PP 1.200 Employment of Ex-Offenders 

PP 1.203 Tuberculosis Risk Management: Correctional Facility Staff 

PP 1.204 Drug Free Workplace Program  

PP 1.205 Workplace Harassment, Discrimination, and Equal Employment Opportunity   

PP 1.207 Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program

PP 1.208 Employee Leave 

PP 1.209 WDOC Employee Wellness Program  

PP 1.210 Employee Compensation and Recording of Hours Worked  

PP 1.211 Staffing and Work Schedules 

PP 1.212 Employee Assistance Program 

PP 1.214 Uniformed Employee Dress and Grooming Standards 

PP 1.215 Code of Ethics

PP 1.216 Dress and Grooming Standards for Non-Uniformed Employees 

PP 1.217 Employee or Labor Organizations

PP 1.218 Employee Performance Management  

PP 1.219 ADA Compliance for Staff 

PP 1.220 Return to Work Program 

PP 1.221 Position Management 

PP 1.222 Personnel Records Management and Security 

PP 1.223 Political and Legislative Activity

PP 1.224 Employee Transfers

PP 1.225 Promotional Process for POST Certified Positions  

PP 1.226 Recruitment, Selection, and OnBoarding of WDOC Employees  

Fiscal Management

PP 1.101 Fiscal Standards  

PP 1.102 Procurement Policy  

PP 1.103 Disbursement of Inmate Earnings 

PP 1.104 Department Assistance Fund  

PP 1.105 Vehicle Fleet Planning, Assignment, and Management 

PP 1.106 Fiscal Control   

PP 1.107 Purchasing Card 

PP 1.109 Inmate Trust Funds  

PP 1.110 Budget Preparation Procedures 

PP 1.112 Staff Travel 

PP 1.113 Inventory Control Guidelines 

PP 1.114 Inmate Commissary

PP 1.115 Fiscal Management and Responsibilities 

PP 1.116 Fixed and Non-Fixed Assets

Training and Staff Development

PP 1.300 Training and Staff Development 

PP 1.301 Field Training Officer Program 

PP 1.302 Mentoring Program

PP 1.303 Training Academy  

Information Systems/Research

PP 1.400 Monthly Reporting for Correctional Facilities

PP 1.401 Authorized Research Activities 

PP 1.402 Management of Information Systems

Case Records

PP 1.500 Inmate Good Time

PP 1.501 Sex Offender Registration 

PP 1.502 Case Records 

Citizen Involvement and Volunteers

PP 1.600 Prison Community Partnership Committees 

PP 1.601 Volunteers and Student Interns 

200 Series

Building Codes, Size and Design

PP 2.100 Physical Plant Design

Inmate Housing Areas

PP 2.200 Inmate Housing Areas  

Facility Environmental Conditions

PP 2.300 Environmental Conditions

Program and Service Areas

PP 2.400 Program and Service Areas

Administrative and Staff Areas

PP 2.500 Facility Staff and Administrative Areas 

300 Series

Security and Control

PP 3.006 Property Control  

PP 3.009 Evidence Handling and Storage 

PP 3.013 Searches

PP 3.019 Response to Unmanned Aircrafts

 Rules and Discipline

PP 3.100 Inmate Communication and Grievance Procedure  

PP 3.101 Code of Inmate Discipline  

PP 3.102 Inmate Disciplinary Procedures 

Special Management

PP 3.302 Restrictive Housing 

PP 3.304 Vulnerable Population Housing and Protective Custody 

PP 3.305 Temporary Restriction Order  

PP 3.307 Management of Transgender Inmates 

 Inmate Rights

PP 3.401 Inmate Access to Courts  

PP 3.402 Protection from Sexual Misconduct Against Offenders 

PP 3.403 Inmate Rights 

Safety and Emergency Procedures

PP 3.202 Fire Safety  

PP 3.203 Control and Use of Hazardous Materials

PP 3.210 Comprehensive Safety and Health Program for Correctional Facilities 

PP 3.212 Asbestos Safety 

PP 3.213 Comprehensive Safety & Health Program for Central Office, Field &Training Academy  

400 Series

Reception and Transfer

PP 4.000 Inmate Housing Under Interstate Compact

PP 4.001 Inmate Admission and Orientation Procedures

Pre-Parole, Classification and Case Management 

PP 4.100 Pre-Parole Preparation  

PP 4.101 Inmate Classification 

PP 4.102 Case Management  

PP 4.103 Case Management Manual  

PP 4.104 Youthful Offender Transition Program 

PP 4.106 Management of Youthful Inmates

Sanitation and Hygiene

PP 4.201 Inmate Grooming, Hygiene and Sanitation 

PP 4.202 Sanitation in Correctional Facilities  

Health Care

PP 4.300 Keep on Person (KOP) Medication Program 

PP 4.301 DNA Sampling 

PP4.302 Offender Substance Abuse Testing, Sanctioning, & Treatment   

PP 4.303 Written Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens

PP 4.304 Tuberculosis Risk Management: Inmates 

PP 4.305 Inmate Health Screen and Appraisal 

PP 4.307 Inmate Access to Health Care 

PP 4.308 Care of Inmates with Chronic Conditions 

PP 4.310 Health Care for Inmates in Restrictive Housing  

PP 4.311 Responsible Health Authority  

PP 4.312 Communicable Disease and Infection Control  

PP 4.313 Inmate Mental Health Services  

PP 4.314 Health Care Quality Improvement

PP 4.315 Administration of Psychotropic Medication  

PP 4.316 Informed Consent and Right to Refuse Treatment 

PP 4.317 Care of the Pregnant Inmate  

PP 4.318 Pharmaceutical Operations

PP 4.319 Inmate Health Records   

PP 4.321 Inmates with Special Health Needs

PP 4.322 Medical Adaptive Devices 

PP 4.333 Healthy Lifestyle Promotion

PP 4.334 Orientation for Health Staff

PP 4.335 Inmate Participation in Healthcare Related Job Functions

PP 4.336 Administration of Medical Program

PP 4.337 Oral Care  

PP 4.338 Infirmary and End of Life Care 

PP 4.340 Inmate Health Services and Continuity of Care

PP 4.341 Medical Response to Sexual Assault 

Food Service

PP 4.400 Food Service Health and Safety  

PP 4.401 Food Service Operations

Social Services

PP 4.500 Access to Social Services

PP 4.501 Modifications and Accommodations for Disabled Inmates 


PP 4.600 Joint Reentry Team (JET)

500 Series

Work and Correctional Industries

PP 5.000 Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) 

PP 5.001 Correctional Industries Inmate Work and Performance Pay  

PP 5.002 Approval of Offsite Inmate Work Crews 

PP 5.003 Institutional Inmate Work and Programming

PP 5.004 Inmate Incentive Pay 

PP 5.005 Industries Operations  

Academic and Vocational Education

PP 5.100 Academic and Vocational/Technical Programs  

PP 5.200 Inmate Tablet Use  

    Recreation and Activities

PP 5.300 Inmate Recreation and Activities  

Mail, Telephone, Visiting, and Furlough/Leaves

PP 5.400 Inmate Visiting 

MEMO MEMO - Inmate Visiting

PP 5.401 Inmate Mail 

PP 5.402 Inmate Telephone Access 

PP 5.403 Inmate Access to Attorneys  

PP 5.404 Furlough/Leave Program  

PP 5.405 Video Visitation 


PP 5.500 Library Services 

  Religious Programs

PP 5.600  Inmate Religious Activities  

PP 5.601 Religious Diet Program for Inmates   


Media Request and Background Check

Volunteer/Student Intern Application Form

Consent for the Release of Confidential Information

Schedule of Fees for Release of Information

Unified Matrix for Authorized Group Property

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Request

Special Visit Request Form

Overview of Inmate Mail Regulations Affecting Family and Friends

Visitor's Consent Form

Visitor's Consent Form  (Spanish Version)

Visitor Application


Visitor Application  (Spanish Version)

Letter of Custodial Consent for Inmate Visiting

Visiting Room Protocol for Inmates

Visiting Rules

Summary of Inmate Visiting Eligibility by Status