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Prior Year Press Releases

WDOC Director Appointed to the Board of Directors of the Correctional Leadership Association

Michael Pacheco Appointed Prison Division Deputy Administrator of Operations

The Wyoming Honor Farm: Where prisoners learn to train wild horses

Captain Chulski appointed as the new Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Major Rysell Completes Polygraph Academy

Steven Stark, New Human Resource Manager

Death of Wyoming Inmate Donald Souter September 4, 2022

Warrant issued for Offender Luke Thomas Young

Death of Wyoming Inmate Henry Ballard August 13, 2022

WDOC Staff Member Involved in Off Duty Shooting

WDOC K-9 Team at Work

Death of Wyoming Inmate Matthew Foley, July 21, 2022

Harrington Appointed Field Services Administrator 

Tim Lang Appointed new Warden at WWC

WDOC K9 Recertification

Administrator Sides Retires

Death of Wyoming Inmate Francis Ekman

Dog Program for the Hearing Impaired

Death of Wyoming Inmate David Tarver May 6, 2022

Death of Wyoming Inmate Daniel Harris April 17, 2022

Death of Wyoming Inmate Louis Cosco, March 2, 2022

Death of Wyoming Inmate Thomas Redenbaugh, February 28, 2022

Paul Martin appointed to Support Services Administrator

CJ Young promoted to Policy and Planning Manager

Death of Wyoming Inmate Dale Dean, February 10, 2022

Brian Smeltzer appointed as Assistant Warden 

Ashley Miller named CFO

Kayla Opdahl promoted to Deputy Administrator of Programs

Seth Norris selected as new Deputy Warden of WSP

Lindsi Duncan promoted to District 1 Manager

Neicole Molden selected as new Warden of WSP

Death of Wyoming Inmate Chris Montoya, November 5, 2021

Death of Wyoming Inmate Frank Apodaca, November 3, 2021

Death of Wyoming Inmate Harry Alford, October 28, 2021

Death of Wyoming Inmate Desmond Triplett, October 20, 2021

Death of Wyoming Inmate Jerry Tapp, October 4, 2021

Death of Wyoming Inmate Bruce Leslie, May 29, 2021

Death of Wyoming Inmate Clarence Hinckley, March 27, 2021

Death of Wyoming Inmate Benden Gray, February 15, 2021

Death of Wyoming Inmate Stephen Green, February 8, 2021

Wyoming Department of Corrections Academy Manager Peter Norris Retires

Officer Calderon Medal Receives Medal of Valor

Wyoming Department of Corrections Inmate Education Achievements

Wyoming Department of Corrections Honor Guard

WDOC Director to Retire

Out of State Inmates Returned to Wyoming

Eddie Wilson selected as New Prison Administrator

News in Brief:  Plumbing Program, Online Training Academy, K9 Retirement

New Administration and Warden Assignments

Dan Shannon Appointed New Deputy Director for WDOC

WDOC's Crisis Negotiation Team Helps Save Lives

WDOC Offers Programs to Help Offenders Succeed in the Community

WDOC Deputy Director Retires After a Lengthy Career 

"Echoes from the Past" - Wyoming State Penitentiary North Facility (1981-2001).  A 39-minute documentary produced by the Wyoming Department of Corrections and the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. 

Promo Video produced by Black Dog Animal Rescue, describing the  Preparing Adoptable Companion K9s (P.A.C.K.) program, a collaborative effort with the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution.  

Two Wyoming Prisons on Way to Receiving Reaccreditation from American Correctional Association 4/23/19

Governor's Council on Impaired Driving Launches New Video:  Wyoming Drivers are Urged to Consider "What Will You Lose?" 

Video:  What Will You Lose?

Wyoming Department of Corrections Receives Prestigious National Award

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