Addicted Offender Accountability

Addicted Offender Accountability Act

The Addicted Offender Accountability Act (AOAA) requires every convicted felony offender and all third DUI misdemeanants to receive a substance abuse assessment as part of a Presentence/Postsentence Report. AOAA provides Courts with a sentencing option that includes substance abuse treatment for “qualified offenders”. A “qualified offender” is a person convicted of a felony (as detailed in the AOAA statutes) that the Court finds has a need for alcohol or other drug treatment. 

Mental Health professionals, who hold state certifications to provide substance abuse treatment services, are required to use the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) and the American Society of Addictions Medicines Patient Placement Criterion (ASAM PPCII) when providing a substance abuse assessment. These are the tools used for substance abuse assessment in Wyoming.

It is important to note that a comprehensive substance abuse assessment goes beyond the administration of the ASI/ASAM. The assessment is the process by which a licensed clinician interviews a person for a specific reason, in this case the need for substance abuse treatment. Because mental health and substance abuse disorders often appear together, it is preferred that the clinician be trained and experienced with the diagnosis and treatment of mental health, as well as substance abuse disorders.

The AOAA Assessor conducts the assessment using best practices that incorporates:



If you are a treatment provider and need to request an AOAA clinical record to assist a client’s admission to your program, you may transmit a signed and valid Request to Release Confidential Information to AOAA using any of the methods below.

Requests to release information must conform to requirements as stated in 42CFR Part 2.

Please indicate clearly in your communication the person(s) sending the request and their contact information in the event that we have a question about the request. 

Mail the request to:

Wyoming Dept. of Corrections AOAA Program

1934 Wyott Dr. #100

Cheyenne, WY 82002

Attn: Caitlin Lyle


Fax the request to:


Attn: Caitlin Lyle

Scan and send via encrypted and secure HIPAA-compliant email to:


If you have any questions about requesting records or about the AOAA program, please contact:

Caitlin Lyle, LPC, AOAA Clinical Director