Education Department Offerings

Education Mission Statement

The Wyoming Department of Corrections Education Programs will offer competency based coursework designed to provide students the opportunity to improve academic, vocational, or life skills functioning in a structured environment. Instructional activities are based on assessment information for individual students to maximize student progress. Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs will address essential knowledge and skills appropriate for adult education programs and will align with State and Federal guidelines and requirements. Vocational training will focus on essential job skills identified in the Wyoming marketplace. It is the Department’s goal to provide inmates the opportunity to achieve their academic and vocational potential thereby reducing the rate of recidivism.  

The WDOC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age. Admission to the following classes will be based on what is identified as a need area on an inmate’s intake assessments or case plan. All courses are designed to assist inmates in their preparation for reintegration into society and productive citizenship.


Adult Basic Education (ABE): WHCC, WHF, WMCI, WSP, WWC

This is a mandatory program for all inmates who do not have a verified HSD/HSEC. 

This class provides opportunities to adults on basic educational classes, including Math, Reading/Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. It may be taken to improve forgotten skills, or to prepare a student to take and pass the tests required for a HSEC. Inmates may have participated in ABE prior to entry into WDOC. If so staff must follow up to determine what the student achieved.


English Language Learner (ELL): WHCC, WHF, WMCI, WSP, WWC

This class/programming is provided to non-English speaking adults in the institution. It teaches the students methods of communication in English which include verbal and written forms. Students may be transferred to the ABE class when their literacy level is 6th grade or above.


Special Education: WHCC, WHF, WMCI, WSP, WWC

This is offered to incarcerated youth, under 21 years of age who have received special education services in public education and are identified by WDOC special education staff as eligible for IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Services. IDEA is mandated by State and Federal laws. Education staff will work with students to provide services appropriate to their needs.


CWC Welding Credential: WSP

This program is designed to teach welding and welding theory at a college level, although now it is strictly welding theory. This program is designed on a level system, also beginning with safety, and Material Safety Data Sheets. It progresses into blueprint reading, Math for Welding and Metallurgy. WSP offers this curriculum under an MOU with Central Wyoming College for college credit.


EWC Welding Certificate: WHCC, WMCI  

This program is designed to teach welding and welding theory at a college level. The classes include WELD1755 Metal Arc, WELD1773 Gas/Metal, WELD1772 Flux Core, and WELD1650 Print Symbols. This is offered at WMCI in Torrington, WWC in Lusk and WHCC in Newcastle.



Solidworks: WMCI, WSP

This class is a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows. EWC: 1 cr., 12 hrs.  CWC: 12 cr.


College Studies: WHCC, WWC

This course is designed as a general orientation and a transition to college for all new students and all transfer students who have less than thirty semester hours. This course will enable the student to explore and understand the whole college environment, to identify and utilize campus resources (programs and other courses) that will enhance his/her academic experience. The course will assist the student to begin to develop short and longer term academic and career goals. The course will assist the student to identify community resources which will also enhance his/her academic experience.



CWC Computer Technology College Credential Program: WSP

Computer Technology introduces basic hardware, software, networking and security principles. Courses will provide a blended knowledge of computer networking and hardware/software. Develop skills in the business or personal computing environment.


EWC Computer Applications Certificate Program: WHCC, WMCI, WWC

This program will enable a student to meet the entry level requirements for jobs that require computer software uses. It will provide a solid background in current software uses and a foundation to learn new software programs.



EWC Web Page Authoring: WHCC

This course is intended for the beginning Web page designer. It will familiarize students with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), XHTL (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Using these tools, students will learn to design their own simple web pages for personal or business use.



TPC Self-Study Courses: WHCC, WHF, WMCI, WSP, WWC

TPC Trainco provides industrial validated materials that give students access to learn content and prepare for being in the workforce. Training resources vary at each facility and may include the following:


Plumbing: WMCI

The Plumbing program is designed to give individuals the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to assist with the installation and repair of plumbing systems in residential and small commercial buildings. Students are introduced to diagrams, interpretation of blueprints, and practices in plumbing assembly. Trainees will learn how to identify and follow safe work practices and procedures as well as how to properly inspect and use safety equipment The Plumbing Program will begin with an 80 hour National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) core course consisting of eight (8) modules: Basic Safety, Introduction to Construction Math, Introduction to Hand Tools, Introduction to Power Tools, Introduction to Construction Drawings, Basic Communication Skills, Basic Employability Skills, Introduction to Material Handling, and relevant lab work. Following this course will be the 12 module Plumbing course. These modules are: Introduction to the Plumbing Profession, Plumbing Safety, Tools of the Plumbing Trade, Introduction to Plumbing Math, Introduction to Plumbing Drawing, Plastic Pipe and Fittings, Copper Pipe and Fittings, Cast-Iron Pipe and Fittings, Carbon Steel Pipe and Fittings, Introduction to Plumbing Fixtures, Introduction to Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV) Systems, and Introduction to Water Distribution Systems.


Facility Acronyms:

WHCC - Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp

WHF - Wyoming Honor Farm

WMCI - Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution 

WSP - Wyoming State Penitentiary 

WWC - Wyoming Women’s Center

Other Acronyms:

CWC - Central Wyoming College

EWC - Eastern Wyoming College

HSEC - High School Equivalency Certificate

ACC - Adult Community Corrections