Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

About PREA

  • The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was passed by Congress on September 4, 2003. It supports the prevention, reduction and elimination of sexual violence in all US penal facilities

  • There are 9 Purposes established under the Act

    • Establish a zero-tolerance standard for the incidence of prison rape in prisons in the US

    • Make the prevention of prison rape a top priority in each prison system

    • Develop and implement national standards for the detection, prevention, reduction and punishment of prison rape

    • Increase the available data and information on the incidence of prison rape, consequently improving the management and administration of correctional facilities

    • Standardize the definitions used for collecting data on the incidence of prison rape

    • Increase the accountability of prison officials who fail to detect, prevent, reduce and punish prison rape

    • Protect the Eighth Amendment rights of Federal, State and local prisoners

    • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Federal expenditures through grant programs

    • Reduce the costs that prison rape imposes on interstate commerce

PREA Hotline

WDOC inmates who are victims of, or witnesses to, inappropriate sexual misconduct, assaults, sexual assaults, sexual harassment, or criminal activity are provided access to a confidential telephone hotline system to report against inmates or staff. Information on how to access the inmate hotline is posted throughout all WDOC facilities.

Persons outside WDOC facilities may also file a report by calling 1-877-966-4276.

Third Party Reporting


You may report on behalf of an inmate for PREA related incidents on this number.

How does the investigations process work?

The Wyoming Department of Corrections (DOC) has zero tolerance towards any form of sexual abuse or harassment in accordance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). All allegations naming as victims any inmate under the jurisdiction of the WDOC in an institutional setting or the community are thoroughly investigated.

Contact Information

Please refer PREA related questions to:

Ebonnie Bannon

PREA Coordinator / Victim Notification Program Supervisor

Wyoming Department of Corrections

Phone: 307.777.5822


Annual Reports

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Auditor Summary Reports (Each facility is audited every three years. Audit years are staggered by facility.)

Wyoming Honor Conservation/Boot Camp 2014 2017 2020

Wyoming Women's Center 2014 2017 2020

Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution 2015 2018 2021

Wyoming State Penitentiary 2016 2019

Wyoming Honor Farm 2016 2019

Casper Re-Entry Center (ACC) 2014 2017 2021

Cheyenne Transitional Center (ACC) 2015 2018 2021

Gillette Volunteers of America (ACC) 2016 2019 2022

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