Adult Community Corrections

Adult Community Corrections (ACCs)

The Wyoming Department of Corrections contracts with Adult Community Corrections Boards and service providers for the operation of adult community corrections facilities located in Casper (Casper Reentry Center), Cheyenne (Cheyenne Transitional Center) and Gillette (Volunteers of America- Booth Hall).  The adult community corrections program provides housing and case management services for probationers, parolees, inmates, and offenders on community supervision who have violated community supervision conditions who are administratively sanctioned by Field Services to participate in the ACC program as an alternative to probation or parole revocation.  The facilities provide the courts, Parole Board, and the WDOC an alternative to incarceration or traditional community supervision as well as provide a transition option for inmates who are preparing to reenter Wyoming communities.

Who to Contact For More Information-

Tara Williams

Adult Community Corrections Coordinator 

444 West Collins Drive, Suite 1600

Casper, WY 82601