Public Records, Public Information and Media Requests

The Wyoming Department of Corrections welcomes inquiries from the media, stakeholders, and the general public.  

Public Record and Information Requests

Public Records

Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 16-4-202 (a), all public records shall be open for inspection by any person at reasonable times, except as specifically provided for. Fees or costs may apply pursuant to the Department's Release of Information policy and Fee Schedule (see below).  

A public record is defined as "Any recorded information maintained by the WDOC, which is not confidential or privileged as defined by Wyoming Statute 16-4-201, Public Records Act, includes offender information authorized for public release." Examples of WDOC public records that can be released are contracts, information regarding financial transactions involving public property, claims filed against WDOC, certain construction documents, maps, some letters, and records that WDOC is required to keep pursuant to law.

To submit a public record or information request please click here:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Request 

Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 6-5-214, the Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) has outlined a response plan for the use and request form to operate unmanned aerial vehicles over any penal institution or correctional facility.

Please refer to the following Policy and Procedure for more information: 

Please refer to the following Form to request use of an unmanned aerial vehicle at one of WDOC's facilities:

Offender Information

Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 7-19-106(m), the Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) may release the following information regarding any individual who is or has been committed to the supervision and custody of the department, unless the release of that information could compromise the physical safety of the individual.  Releasable information is limited to:

How to obtain Offender Information

Information pertaining to specific offenders can be obtained by using the WDOC Offender Locator, or by calling the Wyoming Department of Corrections Central Office (307) 777-7208.  

If you know where an offender is incarcerated or under supervision you can contact that institution or probation & parole office directly.  Certain offender information cannot be released pursuant to State and Federal law or if it could compromise the physical safety of the individual.  Requests must be offender specific. It is not the practice of the department to release comprehensive lists of the WDOC inmate/offender population. 

Probation and Parole Records

Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 7- 13-409, "All information and data obtained in the discharge of official duties by probation and parole agents is privileged information and shall not be disclosed directly or indirectly to anyone other than to the  judge, the department or to others entitled to receive reports unless and until otherwise ' ordered by the judge, board or department.

General Public Records information, Forms and Policy & Procedures

For more information, including a list of designated public records persons for government entities as required under statute, you may visit the public records section on the Wyoming Department of Administration & Information website: Click Here

For Policy & Procedure information, see: 

Contact Information

For general questions surrounding WDOC's records management and release of public information, refer to the contact information below. 

Stephanie Kiger

Records and Communication Lead

Public Information Officer

Phone: (307) 777-6092