Mission, Vision, Philosophy & Core Values

Mission Statement

The Wyoming Department of Corrections contributes to public safety by exercising reasonable, safe, secure and humane management, while actively providing offenders opportunities to become law-abiding citizens.


To be the Benchmark Correctional Agency in the United States.

The Wyoming Department of Corrections will provide a seamless correctional system aimed at improving community safety through employee training, recognition and retention, evidence-based crime prevention, risk/need assessment, and recidivism reduction strategies that focus on:


We commit to managing the Wyoming Department of Corrections with openness, honesty and integrity. We are accountable to the Mission Statement, the Director of Corrections, the Governor and elected State Officials, the public and to each other. In accomplishing the mission of the WDOC and pursuing its vision, the management and staff of WDOC will:

Core Values

The following Core Values are built around our commitment to public safety and offender rehabilitation and will guide our performance in carrying out our mission and pursuing our vision as a benchmark correctional system: