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About the Wyoming Women's Center

The Wyoming Women’s Center was first established on June 20, 1977 and was temporarily located on Wyoming State Hospital grounds in Evanston, Wyoming. In 1980, the Wyoming State Legislature formally created the Wyoming Women’s Center, and by 1981 had authorized the establishment of a permanent facility in Lusk, Wyoming. The original housing capacity of the Women’s Center facility was 82 beds, and with recent construction, the housing capacity has increased to 261 in the main facility and an additional 32 beds in the Intensive Treatment Unit.

2007 Expansion Project

  • WWC underwent construction in 2004 through 2007.

  • The expansion nearly doubled the size of the facility from 72,000 square feet to

  • 140,000 square feet.The construction project included an addition of 108 beds and a 32-bed Intensive Treatment Unit.

  • The kitchen and dining areas were expanded.

  • New educational, vocational and industries areas were added.

  • The industries area now includes a new supply and laundry area.

  • The Aquaculture building is where tilapia fish are raised.

Wyoming Women's Center

1000 West Griffith

Lusk, Wyoming 82225

Phone: 334.3693

Fax: 334.2254